It is well known that reason is sanity, the ability of true understanding and comprehension of actuals of reality and of own existence, the skill not only to distinguish true from false, good from evil, values of vices, but also to use rational scientific knowledge as the supreme and final authority on all disputed issues of human life during the formation of positive levels of own consciousness.At the same time, conscience is a person’s ability to carry out moral self-control on the basis of the norms formulated in a given society and rules of behavior, to formulate for himself independently high moral duties, to demand from yourself their performance and to make a self-appraisal of made acts from the heights of morality, i.e. this notion of moral consciousness, the inner conviction that what is good and evil, the awareness of moral responsibility for own behavior, it is the ability of a person, critically estimating own actions, thoughts, desires, to realize and interpret own discrepancy to the due as own imperfection.Judging by the poorly controlled situation in the world and occurring conflict events, it is obvious that not all individuals on the Earth possess reason and conscience, so are sufficiently enlightened and educated and therefore worthy of being called human beings.Consequently, the basic threat to ALL Life on Earth – the growth of the number of individualson the planet insufficiently brought upeducated and enlightened to have adequate for the XXI-st century consciousness, and with it both high-grade reason and conscience.

  1. Human beings (people) with underdeveloped or distorted consciousness cannot be considered as high-grade, full-fledged individuals, i.e. a real Man. It is a semifinished product which recruits ranks of individuals with the imperfect or deformed consciousness (i.e. the worst variant of the layman), or even non-humans.

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