The WPF – World Philosophical Forum started its humanitarian activity of this kind practically alone, but very soon it received an unexpected huge support from the UN, in 2012 the UN fortunately has declared its Global initiative ” Education First”

From Ban Ki Moon’s speech on 26 September 2012

I know what Nelson Mandela means when he says “education is the most powerful tool …to change the world.”

First, we must put every child in school. Every child – regardless of gender, background, or circumstance – must have equal access to education.

Second, we must improve the quality of learning.

Third, we must foster global citizenship. Education is about more than literacy and numeracy – it is also about citizenry. Education must fully assume its central role in helping people to forge more just, peaceful and tolerant societies. We cannot stop until every child, youth and adult has the opportunity to go to school, learn and contribute to society.

UN Global Education initiative was put forward in UNESCO ” Medium Term Strategy for 2014 -2021″ with such priorities in Education :

From Speech Irina Bokova UNESCO Director General in Paris on 29 January 2013

Our first strategic objective is to shape the global education agenda. This requires vision, foresight, analysis of trends, and understanding where and why we are falling short

Our second objective is to foster inclusive, quality and lifelong learning opportunities for all and to promote a sense of global citizenship. There is wide consensus that the next global education agenda must promote equity and quality content – including to help learners gain solidarity, respect and responsibility for shaping the future.

From Speech Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jeseus Chrishna Vice President of Higher Education UIPM Universal Institute of Professional Management.

” The real nature of education is to build the character that is in human beings, if one’s character has been successfully built or educated correctly, automatically education from outside ourselves will bring blessing and harmonization for global citizens.”

That the characteristic feature of true truth is universal, does not discriminate, never affects, never imposes, despite being insulted, hurt, It remains in the Supreme Being. Its laws throughout the ages.

Because the supreme Law in the global or in the universe is the Absolute Universal Law or the Law of God. we are all in a universal law that calls for harmonization, peace, and conscience.

If you fill a necessity to develop your mind and supplement your knowledge with a set of other civil or secular knowledge from the above lectures, you can do it distantly using online facilities of the WPF University.


Prof. Dr. Timi Ecimovic – WPF Steering Scientific Committee Member, Coordinator for South & Central European countries, Professor and chair of Environmental Sciences at Ansted University, Slovenia – Profile

After having study the course of lectures you liked from the WPF university source you can join the WPF Citizenship of the Earth-XXI program and become a Citizen of the Earth being awarded with the Certificate, ensign, identity card and later after some time the “PASSPORT of the Citizen of the Earth”.

Procedure of certification and inauguration is carried out within agreed time frame in one of the SCHOOL premises.

After that your name will be listed in the special LIST of Citizens of the Earth-XXI on the web site of the WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM, that would mean authenticity received by you the Certificate, the Decoration, the Identity card and later on the PASSPORT of the Earth Citizen, and you can continue your life having the TOP civil status of the Earth-XXI Citizen.

Availability of the Certificate, Identity card and the PASSPORT of the “Citizen of the Earth” should be regarded as evidence of intelligence and high moral qualities of their owner, and to be the most authoritative recommendatory documents at employment in any international organization, transnational company, at elections or appointments to all public offices and state posts in all countries and states.

In view of the above the Man – Citizen of the Earth-XXI – should differ positively from other individuals who inhabit our planet, in particular:

1. High good breeding and education – unlike ignorance and bad manners of others;

2. Well-formed consciousness as the basis of reason and morality. Aborted or distorted consciousness makes individuals unwise and immoral;

3. Healthy reflection on what is happening around him and in the world as a whole. Absence of such reflection deprives individuals of conscience and responsibility for his own destiny and all that surrounds him;

that is to constitute the segment of Mankind representing the best, most modern of its members, possessing wisdom, reason and morality. This means that only they can benefit people in both politics and economics, and in personal life. And it is these people that should be trusted posts in international organizations and in state bodies. It is possible to rely on them both in business, and in a life.